Iowa State University
Engineering Teaching & Research Complex - Hoover Hall - Ames, Iowa
Brooks Borg Skiles AE LLP and Ellerbe Beckett collaborated on the design of the Engineering Teaching and Research Complex (ETRC), located on the Iowa State University Campus. The Complex was planned to bring together two major entities of the University: the College of Engineering and the Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT) in a way that would advance engineering education, applied research and outreach capabilities.

Hoover Hall, completed in 2003, was envisioned to house a diverse and interactive group of functions ranging from research and teaching labs to specialized classrooms. The stated goal of the university was to have a complex possessing a timeless character, devoid of any particular architectural style. Hoover Hall was envisioned to sit comfortably in its surrounding architectural context while enhancing the already established and distinctive identity of ETRC. Hoover Hall occupies the southern edge of the site framing the existing historic Marston Water Tower located on the northeast corner of the site.