BBSAE electrical engineers design systems ranging from campus-wide 15,000 Volt power distribution networks to low voltage fire, security and telecom systems. Each engineer has a wide range of experiences and specialties to contribute.

Electrical Engineering design practices have advanced dramatically in recent years. From the relentless advances of technology requiring high-speed data communications, to improvements in safety and security, many important design decisions rely on input from BBSAE’s electrical engineers. We use software made industry standard by utility companies to calculate all aspects of power systems to ensure properly sized and coordinated equipment is specified. This software also performs arc flash calculations required by NFPA 70E – Standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace; a key element in reducing dangerous worker-related electrical accidents.

Our electrical engineers and registered communications distribution designer (RCDD) work closely with other disciplines to ensure adequate space is programmed and appropriate systems are integrated into intelligent buildings. We leverage technology to provide flexible solutions for today’s demanding requirements.